Thank goodness Clay is gone. I couldn't take another minute of his whiny, immature behavior. I have no idea why Rebecca and Randall seemed so excited to have him on their team. I guess they were desperate.

I'm not sure why everyone thinks Clay is so creative. I can't recall him having any particularly good ideas. On his bio, it says that he's a real estate agent who specializes in new construction. Apparently he has a knack for helping people envision and design homes. But, judging from the show, he doesn't have a collaborative bone in his body. I can imagine him arguing with clients about whether they should have three bedrooms or four. He's such a pain, as Rebecca and Randal quickly discovered. "What About Me?" was Clay's theme song, not Jide's. That was obvious. I'm glad Rebecca vetoed that idea. What I can't figure out is why Rebecca decided to "challenge" the radio station's listeners with a different type of music. That made no sense. I'm starting to wonder whether Rebecca and Randal are so smart after all. Maybe they were just in over their heads with this task. Just because you like listening to music doesn't mean you know how to produce it.

Felisha, on the other hand, seemed to know exactly what she was doing. The song she, Alla, and David came up with wasn't my cup of tea, but it definitely appealed to the radio execs and the listeners. Plus, the team seemed to be having a great time, which says a lot about Felisha's leadership skills. I also liked the fact that she stepped in when she realized the song was too jazzy. Weaker PMs would have just panicked and gone into a downward spiral. Alla and Adam were great as well. They definitely deserved to win. I have to admit that I teared up when Adam told that story about his immigrant Dad while the team flew by the Statue of Liberty. Adam has really come into his own since the start of the season.

As for Clay, his behavior worsened every week. He has no problem being rude and nasty to other people, but he can't take any criticism. I can't believe he messed up the presentation by opening the door for Jide before Rebecca was ready. Is he a saboteur, or an idiot? Either way, he had to go.

Hopefully Randal and Rebecca will bounce back next week. It should be interesting to see how Randal treats Rebecca after her frankness in the boardroom. I was surprised that she was so critical of his marketing screw-up. He totally deserved it, but, in the past, alliances have trumped the truth. I think that was a great strategic move for Rebecca. If she had stood up for Randal, the Donald would have accused her of playing favorites. By criticizing both Randal and Clay, she came across as fair, and also gave herself a leg up if it comes down to her and Randal in the final showdown. I'll definitely have to Tivo next week's "double serving of the Donald," since I'll probably be stuck in Thanksgiving traffic. I'm curious to see how Shania Twain's involved in the next task...