This week's episode of The Apprentice reminded me of an interesting story ran in the New York Times in May. It seems Adam's idea of wrapping carriages was even more of a disaster than it appeared. I wonder if the NYPD watches The Apprentice?

When Horses Run Wild, City Slickers Corral 'Em
By Jennifer Lee

The horses galloped past a Starbucks, a Gristedes and a Papaya King. 'I heard someone screaming, 'Look out! Watch out!'' said Carla Morreale, who had just come out of a subway station at 14th Street when she saw the horses galloping toward her. She ducked into a building entryway with two other women.'You don't expect horses to be charging towards you on your way to work on the sidewalk in Manhattan,' said Ms. Morreale, who works for a software company.