I had high hopes for Adam, but he really blew it in the last episode. He and Alla both seemed way too sure of themselves in the beginning. Instead of thinking things through, they simply plowed half of their budget into those lame carriage ads. That idea is so three seasons ago! I'm not sure who designed the ads, but the background was so dark that you couldn't even read the entire phone number. Even if you could read the numbers, people are so used to seeing signs all over the place that they were bound to be ineffective.

Randal, on the other hand, made the right move by focusing on salespeople. The people from the temp agency were great. And I loved how Randal and Rebecca swiped the other team's bullhorns. I'm not sure I would have done the same, though. It seemed a bit too slimey. Not surprisingly, the Donald loved it. I think Bill hit the nail on the head when he said that Randal thought big. Instead of hiring 30 temps and giving them double-sided sandwich boards, he switched gears and hired 60 temps, giving them single-sided boards. He's really quick on his feet and isn't afraid to readjust his plans when necessary.

I don't know what Alla and Adam were thinking with those ridiculous carriages. I loved that scene when Adam was saying how great the carriages looked, while the camera focused on an ad with Shania's head ripped off. I felt bad for Felisha...she really had her hands tied. I can't figure out why she didn't point that out right away in the boardroom. Instead, when the Donald asked her why she didn't hire more temps, she just shrugged and said, "It's not something we considered." That was bizarre. I do, however, fault Felisha for landing just 15 workers. I find it hard to believe that, with all the temp agencies in Manhattan, she couldn't round up five more people. And that whole situation in the stable seemed out of control. Felisha seemed more confused than the people she hired, many of whom weren't cut out for this specific task, since they didn't speak English. Alla really lost control of the team at that point. It was chaos.

Still, I really think Adam was to blame for the loss. I couldn't believe how indignant he was in the boardroom when Felisha criticized his carriage idea. Is he living in fantasy land? I do think that Alla and Felisha will make a stronger team, but I doubt they'll be able to beat Randal and Rebecca next week. Everyone seems to think that those two are at a disadvantage because they're not "creative." What does that even mean? Randal and Rebecca may not wear furry sweaters, but they think creatively, as they proved during the latest challenge.If they don't make it to the final showdown, I'll be very surprised.