Wow. I'll be really shocked if Jim wins a job at Martha's company after that crazy rant last night. It's one thing to scheme behind closed doors. But to brag about it to the chairman and president of the company? That was suicide. I'm still trying to figure out if Jim has a screw loose, or if his hubris prompts him to make bad decisions. He certainly seems to think he's invincible.

Speaking of delusions of grandeur, what is up with Leslie? I can't believe she thought she did a "slam dunk" job on the task. Her presentation was awful and the showroom looked absolutely ridiculous. Ryan's idea to have the car sitting at a dinner table was bizarre...has he been watching reruns of Knight Rider? Still, it may have seemed less absurd if the execution was better. Having a video tie-in and a table that didn't look like a bed would have been a good start. If the showroom looked nice and the concept was presented clearly, the team may have won simply because their idea was more original.

Primarius was anything but. The showroom looked beautiful, but the whole "Driven by Elegance" theme was too safe. Luckily, Bethenny did a good job on the presentation. Comparing the display to an art gallery was a wise idea. I just wasn't impressed. I was also appalled by Bethenny and Jim's behavior in front of the display builders. Dawna handled the situation pretty well, although she should have nipped the problem in the bud right away. Bethenny and Jim have such a weird relationship: one minute they're fighting, then they're best friends. When it comes down to it, Bethenny knows that Jim's encouraging her because he thinks she's weak. The whole situation is very twisted. I'd never want to work with someone like Jim...he's way too manipulative. I wonder if he's always like that, or if he's just playing the villain for the show?

Martha really got tough in the conference room last night, and I agreed with everything she said. Leslie is definitely full of hot air, Marcela doesn't have a spine, and Ryan isn't assertive enough. He obviously wasn't confident in his idea or he would have been more insistent. Instead of presenting a convincing argument about why his idea would work, he acted like a petulant child. No wonder nobody listened to him. Marcela's too whiny for my taste as well. I'm tired of her slouching in her chair...she didn't even sit up straight after Martha told her to!

So it seems like Jim's going to overimbibe and go "crazy" again in the next episode. I'm really curious to see how far he can make it...I guess we'll find out soon enough.