Felisha's lucky she wasn't in Martha's conference room last night...Martha would have skewered her for crying. The Donald, however, was very sympathetic. His decision to fire her was also fair. Felisha doesn't act like she's tough enough for the corporate world. This isn't the first time she's cried...I recall her having a breakdown after at least one other boardroom showdown. The whole thing is pretty confusing considering she's a licensed pilot and a successful businessperson. I guess she's not into being cutthroat, which is totally fine.

But weepiness isn't Felisha's only failing. She simply crumbled under the pressure of having to prove herself last night. I was appalled by her behavior during the task...all she cared about was looking better than Alla. If she had focused all of her efforts on winning, it wouldn't have mattered who took the leadership role. She did a terrible job as PM. She obviously wanted Alla to take charge, but then fought her every step of the way. What was all that nonsense about Felisha being a better actress? Unless she's actually taken acting lessons, I can't see how that would make a big difference.

Of course, Alla is just as much to blame for the lame concept. The video didn't give a feel for how the software works, and the words were flying around way too fast. I think Alla just threw something slapdash together figuring that Felisha would get fired. And was it me, or were there pink and white outfits totally inappropriate for a presentation to Microsoft executives? That seemed really unprofessional, especially compared to Randal and Rebecca's spiffy suits.

Still, I think Alla could have made it to the final three if she had toned down her bulldog attitude in the boardroom. She really misjudged that situation. Normally, a take no prisoners approach wins points with the Donald. In this case, as the Donald pointed out, it would have been wiser for Alla to sit back and let Felicia hang herself. Instead, she continued berating Felicia even after she broke into tears. That was a terrible move.

Rebecca and Randal were a great team. I liked how they told a story, and Randal's acting was pretty hilarious. I'm still not quite sure how the software works, though. Once again, Randal was nice and supportive. Unlike Alla, he's comfortable being led even though he's a strong, assertive person. I'm really rooting for him to win the apprenticeship. Rebecca is okay, but she's definitely not on the same level as Randal. At age 23, she's not as seasoned as Randal, despite the insane amount of activities on her NBC bio. She would be a great lower-level employee, but I just can't see the Donald choosing her over Randal for a top job. I guess a lot of it comes down to how they perform on the final task. That should be really interesting...this is the strongest final two in a long time.