What was Ryan thinking? I can't believe how drunk he got during the latest task. That was crazily unprofessional. But his problems didn't start there. The whole baseball player idea was totally off base...too bad Marcela didn't insist on changing it after she talked to the Song execs. That was further proof of her spinelessness. The video was a complete embarrassment and didn't reflect the "high class, low fare" concept at all. Marcela seemed to think that Ryan was sabotaging the task because he felt comfortable. I disagree. I think he's a bafoon. First the dumb dinner table idea, now this. He really does need to go back to school, as Martha suggested. And Marcela deserved to be fired, too. Good for you, Martha.

The other team did a good job. Their concept wasn't wildly original, but that doesn't seem to be what Martha (or most execs on this show) are looking for. Basically, they want something that appeals to the target audience and looks good. That dovetails very well with Bethenny's skills...she's not all that innovative, but she has a lot of class and style. In that way, she's a great fit for Martha. Something about her still rubs me the wrong way, though. I just can't put my finger on it.

Jim handled himself surprisingly well. Sure, he was kooky and might have wasted some time, but he did a good job as the video's artistic director, and he wasn't so wacky that it distracted Bethenny and Dawna. As Bethenny pointed out, Dawna did a fine job on this task, but her performance didn't really stand out. I'm convinced that she completely blew her chances during the reward at Martha's house. If she didn't know how to play scrabble, she should have done a little research beforehand! Martha gave her plenty of warning...she specifically said they were going horseback riding and then playing scrabble. Dawna came off as a real dunce. First, she didn't know how to play; second, instead of bluffing, she spazzed out. It's too bad, really...I like her a lot. To be fair, if I had to ride a horse during a job interview I'd never get the job...I'd be desperately clinging to the horse's neck the entire time. At any rate, that scrabble scene was pretty shocking and I'm convinced there's no way Dawna will win now.

It will be pretty interesting if the final showdown is between Bethenny and Jim, given their weird relationship. I'm beginning to think that Bethenny is a lot more sly than she seems. It was surprised when she turned to Dawna and whispered that she was going to act like Jim wasn't even on the team. Hmmm. I can't wait to see which sneak wins in the end. I bet that Martha's CEO will kill Jim's chances by telling her about that crazy dinner conversation with Jim. I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.