Randal was really disappointing last night! He seemed almost paralyzed by the task...and it seems like the worst is yet to come. If it rains on Randal's event, he's sunk. I can't believe he didn't come up with some kind of plan B. I guess the only option would be a rain date. That wouldn't be ideal, but it's something Randal should have discussed with the Outback Steakhouse guys. Now he just seems unprepared.

Rebecca seems much calmer, but that may be sheer exhaustion. Maybe she should have laid off the white wine at Megu! Luckily, her team has a lot more energy. Chris and James have been great. That scene with Chris getting excited about the shimmery fabric was priceless. I'm not quite sure how useful Toral has been, though. I think it was a big mistake for Rebecca to choose her. She gave her one chance early on in the season, and Toral blew it. Why take another risk on her? I guess we'll find out if it was a good call. So far, I'm still not convinced. I liked the fact that Randal and Rebecca were allowed to pick their teams. It's silly to dump them with the biggest losers at the end of the season. Now, if the "employees" don't peform, Rebecca and Randal will have nobody to blame but themselves.

I'm not too worried about Rebecca's problem with Joe Piscopo. I have a feeling the union will let him MC the benefit. However, I am concerned that those tough Yahoo execs won't like the event. They didn't seem very keen on the cutesy purple theme. Or maybe they just have something against purple food. They seem to want something subtle, and the things Rebecca has planned seem anything but: The keypad steps and the giant computer screen stage, for example. I also thought it was ridiculous to think you should ask people for donations as they're walking out. So tacky. People know why they're there...no need to bully them. Also, why did Rebecca hire a marketing team to plan and organzie the event? Isn't she supposed to be doing that? And isn't that part of the reason why Martha fired Leslie?

At any rate, I don't blame the Yahoo execs for being nervous. I don't blame the Outback exec for threatening Randal, either. It was ridiculous for Josh, Marshawn, and Randal to spend all day in the suite as Mark attempted to set up the entire field. Why didn't they hire temps to do that? Mark was justifiably annoyed when Randal forced the entire team to go to the party store. Once again, he seemed too paralyzed to delegate tasks and make quick decisions. I really think Randal is crumbling under the pressure. In a way, the deck is stacked against him, since his event is outdoors and Rebecca's is not. She can scramble to get a new MC, but Randal can't make the rain stop...