Well, I guess Jim did turn out to be insane in the end. He did such an awful job during the interview process. It was embarrassing...all that nonsense about truth and beauty and the sapling needing to be nurtured. Give me a break, Jim. The Martha execs saw right through his act. And, of course, that crazy dinner conversation came back to haunt him. He's lucky he made it this far.

Not like Bethenny, or anyone else on this show, is that great. That was made abundantly clear last night. At first, it seemed like Dawna had chosen a far superior team. Then Amanda blew it. I can't believe she insulted Liz Claiborne's creative director by calling one of the outfits frumpy. What an idiot! To make matters worse, neither Amanda nor Howie seemed to know the first thing about what looks good on a runway. Dawna seemed totally out of her league as well, with her nose buried in her clipboard. As Martha aptly pointed out, she's not all that creative, so it should be interesting to see how the fashion show turns out.

Bethenny seems equally clueless, and she has the added disadvantage of having two employees who are less than loyal. I can't believe she chose Carrie after lambasting her in the conference room. What a mistake! Carrie really needs to get over it, though. She's only making herself look bad by holding a grudge and not giving her all. But Bethenny's not doing anything to win the team over. So far, her leadership skills have been nonexistent. She pretty much sealed her fate when she jumped right into her Maybach instead of saying hello to her team and filling them in on the task. Jim might actually be Bethenny's saving grace. Sure, he's a loose cannon, but he does care about winning, and he seems to care about Bethenny in his own bizarre way. Jim could wind up smelling like a rose if he helps pull the event together.

I don't have much hope that either event will come off well. Bethenny is way too focused on raising money. That's nice, but pulling off a fabulous event should be her first priority. If the event is a success, the money will come later. She really needs to refocus and take the reins. Dawna, for her part, needs to do some major damage control with the Liz Claiborne execs. She should get more input from the creative director to make sure the right clothes are worn on the runway. She also needs to get her nose out of her clipboard and come up with some creative ideas for the show...a theme would be nice, for starters. In the end, I don't think Martha wants either of these people working at her company. She's probably relieved that the show isn't being picked up for another season!