I have to admit that I wasn't really looking forward to the whole live finale thing last night. What's so great about live television, anyway? At any rate, I was pleasantly surprised. That was definitely one of the most shocking finales I've seen. But more on that later.

I was totally underwhelmed by both events. First of all, Randal blew it by not having a back-up plan. I went to a concert at Keyspan Park a couple of months ago, and the field was covered in black playground-type material, so that's obviously something they do on a regular basis. Randal should have planned to cover the field and put up a big tent with side flaps. Even if it was raining, that would have been better than that nasty locker room. That said, Randal did rise to the occasion. His opening remarks were heartfelt and eloquent, and everyone did seem to be having a good time. Even that dour lady from the non-profit seemed happy in the end. And, of course, the event raised $11,000.

Rebecca's event was just as bad, and she didn't raise a dime! George clearly liked the Yahooification of just about everything at the venue, but I thought the place looked tacky. Blinking ice cubes? Those cheap banners? Ugh. Worst of all, you could barely tell that the event was an aids fundraiser. Shame on Rebecca. As George pointed out, she should have come up with some kind of compromise with the Yahoo execs. They balked when she suggested that she ask people for checks as they walked out. I can't blame them. But that doesn't mean she couldn't encourage people to donate by mentioning the cause throughout the event, as Randal did. Then, she could have placed envelopes and brochures on each chair downstairs, so people could make out checks during the comedy show. She really blew it.

In the end, Randal deserved to win, even though his last performance was less than stellar. I really enjoyed the comments from the fired candidates. I think Toral did Rebecca more harm than good. She looked like she was about to attack someone...she scares me. I loved how the Donald just made fun of her the whole time. That was great. I also loved it when Toral said Rebecca was a diamond in a haystack. What's that supposed to mean? Alla was equally amusing. I admire her candor, even though it gets her into trouble. It was pretty clear that most people wanted Randal to win. I also thought it was hysterical when the Donald asked Rebecca if she thought Randal could handle life in New York City. Hello? He's from Newark. Of course he can handle it. And what about when Rebecca said she would choose the New Jersey job, over the Atlantic City job? Atlantic City is in New Jersey, dear. I think a geography lesson is in order.

Of course, the best part of the night was when the Donald asked Randal if he should hire Rebecca as well. I was sure Randal would say yes. After all, he's developed a reputation as Mr. Nice Guy. But I'm glad he said no. Something about Rebecca rubs me the wrong way, aside from the crazy hairdo she was sporting last night. She seems pretty full of herself. Randal, on the other hand, is confident, without being cocky. At any rate, the look on Rebecca's face was priceless. Good for Randal!

I heard that the next season is going to be taped in Los Angeles. I'm not quite sure how the Donald will pull that off, since he lives in NYC, but a change of location might be nice. Oh, by the way, I skipped out on the finale party last night. I'm saving my energy for Martha's big bash next week...after all, the food is likely to be a lot better!