Smaller retailers are reaping big rewards--and giving the big guys a run for their money--online. According to Forrester Research, about 45% of the $26 billion in sales projected for Internet retailers this holiday season will go to smaller retailers. That's up from 42% last year.

Some of the reasons why smaller retailers are enjoying such success, according to a recent New York Times article are increased visibility via Google, the spread of high-speed Internet access, and simplified e-commerce software. Even merchants holding out due to the perceived expense of going online or difficulty of transitioning their brick and mortars to cyberspace will begin to find more entry-level options that will get them up and running in no time.

Changes and advancements in technology always have given small businesses, including retailers, a leg up when competing with larger competitors, but the Internet seem to have opened the door wider than anything in the past. What technology has influenced your business the most in terms of successfully competing with larger competitors?