I was pretty disappointed in last night's finale. It was rather anticlimactic, especially after the Donald's exciting conclusion last week. A big part of the problem was that neither of the final two contestants was all that great. I liked Dawna, but she's no Randal. I've never even heard of her magazine. And Bethenny doesn't know the first thing about leading. Judging from her bio and website, it seems like she's accustomed to working along...and it shows.

I chuckled every time Bethenny talked about her management "style." What style? She was thoughtless and rude to her employees, and just about everyone else, throughout the entire task. You can't just leave your workers hanging, wondering if there's a gameplan. By the end of the event, even Jim was exasperated with his former pal. Sure, the circus wound up being a success, and far more put together than the fashion show, but Bethenny still looked like a loser due to her bad attitude.

Dawna, for her part, performed poorly as well. She shouldn't have given Amanda so much responsibility. Putting together the clothes and dealing with that mean Claiborne executive should have been Dawna's responsibility. My guess is that Dawna doubted her own ability to choose the right outfits, so she dumped the job on Amanda. That was a big mistake. Amanda tried her best, but she's no fashionista, and she doesn't have much tact. I still can't believe she insulted the Claiborne execs last week by calling one of the outfits dowdy. Then she mispronounced the company's name! I guess I can't blame Linda for being so nasty.

In the end, the fashion show was fine, but it wasn't amazing. First of all, the brochures were awful! Too bad Dawna didn't have Jim on her team...he did a great job on the circus brochure. And, the Claiborne execs pointed out, Dawna didn't have a vision for the event. She's just not that creative. I can't believe she's had so many marketing jobs. That said, Dawna's task was way more challenging than Bethenny's. All Bethenny had to do was make the room look nice, which it did. She didn't have to decide what the performers would wear or do. In the end, I agree with Martha's decision to hire Dawna. She is a pretty good leader, and she'll probably do well in a corporate position that doesn't involve too much creativity.

Clearly, NBC didn't put much into the finale. The audience was so tiny, compared to the one in Lincoln Center for the Donald's last show. And the whole mood was just blah. (I bet the Donald was pretty pleased with himself.) I was expecting more of a showdown, since Bethenny's teammates clearly despised her. I did love when Jim kept reminding Martha that Bethenny had very good taste in employees. But I expected Carrie to lash out more. Too bad she didn't. That would have spiced things up a bit. At any rate, I couldn't even go to the finale due to the transit strike. Hopefully I can make it to the Donald's party in Los Angeles next season!