If you can't be him, at least you can travel like him. Donald Trump's latest venture, GoTrump.com, promises to help would-be travelers "Travel Trump Style." The site offers vacation tips from Trump himself, a Trump Picks hotel listing, a custom trip creator, "affordable" luxury vacations, and the ubiquitous last-minute online deals to various destinations. According to a New York Times article today, Trump also is promising exclusive deals to his hotels and discounts to private jet carriers, though these features aren't yet available.

It's certainly sexy, the idea of traveling like Trump, but he'll need to do some heavy lifting to make this a destination site for frequent travelers. Trump is promoting the site via his Clear Channel radio programs, and will be using traditional advertising methods to reach the masses. The article also notes he'll be weaving it into season six of The Apprentice, which should draw quite a bit of attention, given its cult-like following. But how much influence will the Trump brand have on the online travel industry, given stalwart sites, such as Travelocity.com (GoTrump.com licenses its technology) and Priceline.com? Will it become a travel destination site, or will it only attract the curious?