On AdFreak.com, Tim Nudd draws attention to a new marketing method: advertisements on parking stripes. You know, the stripes in parking lots that you so carefully try to put your car between. The company, Parking Stripe Advertising, aims to place its long, skinny advertisements over those plain white lines in lots across the country. The company says the promotions are durable and reflective, erasing any worries that ads would impede drivers' ability to park their cars.

Advertisements being placed at our feet, or under our feet, are nothing new. Floorgraphics has been placing ads on floors successfully since the late 90s. But how much of a marketing message can you fit onto a parking stripe? Well-known brands might do well with this type of advertising: Their logos are recognizable, and often their messages are already ingrained in our psyches via other methods -- commercials, magazine ads, etc. But how would parking lot advertising work for smaller companies with less brand clout? Is it something you'd allocate part of your marketing budget to?