I was really shocked by Stacy's bad behavior last night. She was clearly manipulating the truth so Brent would be fired. She changed her "threat" story so many times that nobody seemed to believe her in the end. I guess she hasn't learned much as a criminal defense lawyer. If you're going to fabricate stories, at least get your facts straight. Anyone who watches Law and Order knows that.

Needless to say, I was happy with the outcome of the show. The Donald definitely made the right decision in the boardroom. Brent is pretty absurd, but he wasn't the reason for the loss. He's clearly the type of person who just wants to be heard. As long as he's not rambling on endlessly, I don't see the harm in listening to his ideas. After all, his contributions to last week's brainstorming session helped his team win the big box challenge. Stacy was rude and only escalated the problem. And Pepi failed to nip things in the bud. I guess he only knows how to manage cooperative people. As we've learned in past seasons, that's not going to cut it.

Speaking of bad managers, Lee really went off the rails for a while. I was disappointed. But I liked the fact that he gave in to Lenny's demands later on and admitted that he was wrong to spend so much time coming up with the right keyword. This task was all about pounding the pavement. The teasers for last night's show made it seem like Lenny was being crazy, but he saved Gold Rush from disaster. I kind of like his brash attitude. I can definitely see him running a Trump organization.

Other than Lenny, nobody else stood out in a good way this week. Allie and Tarek seemed to make minimal contributions. Admittedly, the task didn't involve much creativity or business know-how. It was all about location, which is why Stacy deserved to be fired. Michael's robe idea was also terrible, but the Donald was right to give him another shot.

There weren't many standouts, but Synergy did work well together as a team. I couldn't believe that they were already in Times Square while Gold Rush was still eating breakfast. As for Brent, I'll admit that his dance moves were ridiculous and embarrassing, but at least he tried. His teammates just seemed to flounder. Instead of switching to plan B when they realized the location was poor, they simply froze.

I liked the Donald's daughter. Unlike Alexis Stewart, Ivanka was sharp as a tack and had plenty to say in the boardroom. She's a welcome addition to the cast. I also liked this week's reward. It's nice to see reality TV contestants doing something selfless for a change. I was kind of disappointed that the Donald didn't give the three unemployed guys jobs, though. At least they received snazzy interview suits.

It looks like next week's challenge is going to be much more interesting, in a Fear Factor sort of way. I can't wait to see the wimpy wanna-bes swimming with sharks. And they think Brent is scary?