Last night's episode was fabulous. It had everything viewers could ask for: Religious conflict, fighting, dumb models, and a foulmouthed comedian. Plus, of course, Donald Trump.

The Donald definitely made the right decision when he fired Theresa. For some reason, that woman really creeps me out. Maybe it's her beady eyes. I loved when Lenny suggested that Trump fire both Tarek and Theresa, but I'm glad Mr. Mensa didn't get canned. He seems to have toned down the whole brainiac thing in the past two weeks. And he kept emphasizing the importance of developing a theme to tie Gold Rush's event together. Theresa just kept yelling and talking over him. Her behavior in the planning session was really abrasive. It seemed like her whole strategy was to delegate all the important stuff, then blame everyone else when her team lost. That didn't work very well!

As Tarek pointed out, the problems started in the planning phase, when Theresa refused to develop a theme. I knew right away that the idea of hiring models, a comedian, and a horsedrawn carriage was going to be a total bust. Synergy, on the other hand, focused on their theme right away. Then everything else fell into place. Their event was perfect. I'm still not sure how I feel about Andrea, but I was impressed with her management style. She's no-nonsense, but she's not a control freak or a tyrant. I was particularly impressed with the way she handled Brent. Giving him busy work that he couldn't screw up was smart. I doubt that poor Brent will last much longer. That was really pathetic when he left the meeting to have lunch. I'm beginning to wonder why he was even picked to be on this show. Was it only for comic relief?

Gold Rush's event was laughable. I can't believe Theresa thought a horse and carriage would teach car dealers about horse power. How lame! And the putting green looked terrible. Sure, that was Tarek's task, but I did hear him tell Bill that Theresa wouldn't let him spend money on astro turf. Needless to say, the comedian was ridiculous. Where did Charmaine find that woman? Not only was the comedian inappropriate, but she wasn't funny at all. I can't believe Charmaine paid her the full $1,700! The models were embarrassing as well, but the deck was stacked against them. Basically, they had 20 minutes to learn everything about the Tahoe. I can't believe Theresa didn't take Charmaine into the boardroom instead of Lenny.

That said, I can understand why Theresa was annoyed with Lenny. I love his brash attitude, but I was really disappointed when he told Theresa that it wasn't his problem that the speakers were missing. Anyone who says "That's not my problem" or "That's not my job" is very questionable, in my book. Also, he should have stopped complaining about the fact that Lee and Dan took two days off to observe a religious holiday. I kind of see how he might feel justified, since he's also Jewish and didn't take the day off, but the Donald clearly thought it was okay. I really liked the way he diffused that whole discussion in the boardroom by simply telling Lenny, "That's life." Then he changed the subject. People may make fun of the Donald, but he does seem like a good manager.

By the end of the show, I had forgiven Lenny. As Bill pointed out, he was a workehorse during the task. He should probably tone down his yelling and cursing, though I did love it when he said that he wished Theresa's brain was as big as her other endowments. He just can't keep his thoughts to himself!

The shark "reward" was pretty scary. I'd much rather have dinner at some fancy restaurant than get into a tank with those 12-foot-long man-eaters. I give Brent a lot of credit for taking the plunge. According to the preview for next week, it looks like Brent's about to go "over the line" and act crazier than ever. That should be interesting! So far, I'm not sure who will win this season. Andrea's definitely a contender, and maybe good old Lee. I guess we'll find out.