I don't blame the Donald for firing Brent last night. But I do blame him for having Brent on the show at all. I'm convinced that Brent was chosen as a contestant for pure comic relief, and that's not fair. I feel bad for the guy. He never had a chance. He definitely blew it in the boardroom. If he had just kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't have been fired. That was his problem all along...he said too much, and people began to ignore even his good ideas.

I was secretly hoping that Andrea would get the boot last night. I can't stand her attitude. Sure, her sticker business is successful, but I think she's out of her league. And last night's lame graphic design job proves it. At least she wound up taking out the cutesy heart in the end. Hearts and curlicues may sell stickers, but come on.

Not that Andrea is entirely to blame for Synergy's loss. I liked the "next generation" concept, but it was way too complicated for a billboard. I blame Allie for that. And that guy they hired to play the dad was way too young. The Donald was right on when he said that the father/daughter duo looked more like booyfriend/girlfriend. What were they thinking? Tammy and Andrea were too busy high-fiving each other to take a critical look at the idea and the execution. The presentation was awful, too. I was really disappointed in Sean's bumbling presentation. But it was Andrea's dumb idea to use power point slides. Boring!

I didn't have high hopes for Gold Rush either. Their idea seemed overly simple at first, but I guess that's what billboard ads are all about. I thought the picture of the lady chugging the cereal was a little creepy, but it would definitely get my attention. I still can't figure out how they got the cereal to hang in the air. I also thought the baby carriage was pretty hokey. I could have done without it. That said, I do think Charmaine was a good leader. She kept the team on track, made decisions fast, and never second guessed the idea. She really turned it around after the crying jag in the beginning of the show. That was a tad dramatic.

Overall, things seemed to go pretty well with Gold Rush, except for Bryce's last-minute wimp-out. I'm glad Charmaine called him on that. Hopefully he learned a lesson about sticking to your guns. Also, I can't figure out why everyone was so shocked when Lenny added his own touch to the dish during his reward. Loosen up, people! With Brent gone, it should be very interesting to see how Synergy performs. Now, they won't have anyone to blame their failures on but themselves.