I must admit that I liked Lenny's castaway idea at first. I thought ads that told some sort of story were usually a hit, but maybe that was a fad. Or maybe the commercial was just badly executed. I was picturing a Tom Hanks-type castaway on a nice wooden raft in the middle of a big ocean. Instead, Gold Rush gave us a guy covered in seaweed on a raft right next to a dock. That made no sense! The commercial looked amateurish compared to Synergy's polished footage. And Tarek's refusal to use a voice over instead of text was the final blow. Lenny was right to put up a fight over that decision.

Danny was a terrible leader. I wanted to smack some sense into him in the beginning of the episode. There was no reason for his obnoxious, high-strung behavior. That set a bad tone for the rest of the task. Danny was a complete control freak who couldn't trust his teammates with anything. The only person he listened to was Tarek, and that wound up being a huge mistake. Tarek is just as much of a control freak as Danny. He seemed insulted when Lenny suggested doing away with the text on the commercial. Get over yourself! In a previous season, the same thing...too much text on an ad...led to another team's downfall. I guess Mr. Mensa didn't do his homework before coming on the show.

Andrea's behavior during last night's episode made me like her even less. She was clearly looking to make Roxanne a scapegoat to pay her back for her negative comments in the last boardroom. How manipulative and petty. I'm glad Andrea's evil plan didn't work. I'll admit that Roxanne did seem shaky at first, but she eventually came into her own, despite Andrea's domineering behavior. I'm glad Roxanne stood up to Andrea and stuck with the opening black and white scene, which really grabbed the attention of the cruise line executives. Maybe that will teach Andrea some humility, but I doubt it.

I was disappointed in Lee last night. I like him, but I'm starting to think Danny and Tarek have a point. I can't remember Lee making any great contributions in the past few weeks. He should probably volunteer to be project manager next week to prove that he's not merely a politician. That said, I don't think Lee deserved to be in the boardroom. Danny should have brought in Tarek and Lenny. He totally bungled that decision. Then he tried to cover his tracks when Caroline and the Donald called him on it, which only made him seem like a liar. Even though Lenny should have been in the boardroom since he came up with the castaway idea, I don't think he deserved to be fired. The idea could have worked if it was executed properly. A voice over, which Lenny suggested, would have helped out a lot. At least Lenny has big ideas. And he's also toned down his personality. I didn't hear him utter one curse word last night.

I was very interested to see how Synergy would perform without Brent. Although they won, the chemistry was still pretty terrible. I blame Andrea. She's a very negative person who always seems to have it out for somebody. She's just as disruptive as Brent. I'm curious to see how Synergy will do next week. Apparently the task involves creating a jingle for a chicken joint. That will require a lot of collaboration, which is not one of Andrea's strong points. Maybe the task will finally push her over the edge. I can only hope!