Thursday Night -

What an Incredible (Inc-redible? Geddit?) day. I'm shattered. I spent the morning touring Savannah — there were people I recognized from the conference everywhere I went -- from last year and from this. I think we've made an impact on the town!

The reception party was entertaining, Norm Brodsky —- one of my favorite columnists at Inc. was as enigmatic as ever. What's nice about hearing Norm speak, is that you can tell —- he's been there, he's done it. He's not some wet-behind-the-ears, straight-out-of-Wharton MBA telling
you what he just read in Good to Great. I don't always agree with him Norm, but I cherish his ability to say what he thinks, and not to mince his words around it.

I'm here with one of my managers, Rick Mills, who was thrilled to bump into Bo Burlingham after reading his books. They talked up a storm —- you know, Inc. is delivers different things for everyone, of course there's the celebratory aspect of it -— the fun, but for me it's all about the people you bump into strolling round the halls, and the learning they offer. That's what's going to keep me coming back year after year.