I listened to Carl Schramm from the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City talk about how entrepreneurship is in many ways what actually defines us as Americans -— and that it should be our greatest export. I couldn't help but wonder as I looked around the room and saw the incredibly diverse and multicultural audience, how differently I saw it.

America, through its ability to offer freedom and opportunity, is a net attractor of entrepreneurial genius, not an exporter'¦ I couldn't help think that Carl was just wishing it were the other way round'¦ Maybe I'll get a chance to talk face to face with him later and discuss it.

Scott Cook's talk on the building a 'Culture of Innovation' struck a chord with me. The question "how will we respond when the growth slows?" is something that I've pondered long and hard over the years. So far, for us at Headsets.com, we haven't really had to worry about it —- growth has been outstanding as it has for everyone here at the conference. But we all know that growth comes and goes -— you only have to look at how few inductees into the hall of fame there are for 5 years on the Inc500 list. What we do when the growth slows isn't something we have to wait to find out. Note to self: Make plans now!