I'm still dumbfounded by Gold Rush's inept performance on the last task. They had a 10:15 meeting with the Arby's executives and they were still in the suite at 10:10. Even when they were clearly running late, they didn't seem the least bit upset. And they didn't even apologize when they walked into the room! The Arby's guy had to solicit an apology. Then Bryce lied and said that he didn't realize they were late. Charmaine clearly told him that the appointment was at 10:15. I don't get it. For a team that blew the last task in a big way, Gold Rush didn't seem too worried about screwing up. Where did the Donald find these people?

I didn't care for Gold Rush's jingle either. Charmaine and Leslie's lyrics were okay, except for the obvious omission, but the tune was way off. It sounded more like a folk song than a jingle...meat sandwiches aren't exactly folksy. That was Tarek's fault. Clearly, he and Charmaine should have gone to the boardroom instead of Lee. I can't believe that Charmaine thought the Donald might spare them all. What a joke! Bryce was a terrible leader, Lenny was useless, and the people who did contribute did a poor job. The team work just wasn't there.

Synergy's performance, on the other hand, was excellent from the get go. Roxanne kicked things off in the very beginning with her idea and everything flowed from there. The group dynamic was very positive; everyone seemed to contribute something. The jingle itself was a little edgy and very current. I was impressed. I was also happy that Sean made a good presentation after joking two weeks ago. He had something to prove and he did it. Good for you, Sean.

Back to the boardroom: I was shocked when Bryce picked on Lee for observing a religious holiday. What a mistake! The Donald made it clear a couple of weeks ago that missing a task to observe a holiday was acceptable. Even Lenny learned his lesson and kept his mouth shut this time. But Bryce is too cocky. I was amazed when he kept interrupting the Donald. And he also made a snarky comment! What an idiot. He definitely doesn't have the tact to run a big company. I'm so glad he was fired.

I was also disappointed in Lenny last night. His excuses seemed pretty lame...as Bill aptly pointed out, Lenny has lived in the US for 14 years, so he should be familiar with jingles. Maybe the lyrics would have been tricky for someone whose first language isn't English, but he could have helped in some other way. Instead, he just skulked in the shadows for the most part. He should probably offer to be project manager next week to prove himself to the Donald.

Speaking of project managers, Sean's lady killer routine is pretty amusing. All the women on his team seem to have a huge crush on him. It's rather entertaining. Maybe Sean and Roxanne will be this season's Nick and Amy?

For now, my money's on Roxanne and Sean to make it to the final two. Roxanne seems a little less seasoned than the others, but that could actually be an advantage. After all, Kendra was chosen, in part, because she was young enough to be molded into a proper Trump employee. Tammy's a contender as well, but I don't care for her witchy personality. Roxanne and Sean have a lot more heart.

I tried to get the inside scoop from George Ross at the Inc. 500 conference in Savannah last week. He spoke about negotiating strategies and he also talked a bit about the Apprentice. When I asked him who the next Apprentice would be, he said NBC would dock him $5 million if he leaked any secret information. He did mention how appalled he was by some contestants' behavior in the boardroom. He said one fight went on for two hours. No wonder he's going on so many "business trips" these days! The negotiation talk itself was excellent. George is as Frank in person as he is on TV. In fact, he surprised some audience members by saying that it's okay to lie during negotiations. I wonder if Bryce's fib about the appointment time was a wise move after all?