Yesterday, the Washington Post ran a story on defense and government contractors that had recently sold their companies, realizing great windfalls of money. The first company mentioned in the article (which you can find here) is an Inc. 500 alum, Gray Hawk Systems, a company based in Virginia.

Gray Hawk founder Pete Howton sold the company to ManTech International for $100 million last year. At the time of the sale, Howten owned 51% of the company, according to the Post and "banked about $50 million." Among other luxuries and philanthropic donations, Howton installed a neon-lit slide in his home for his daughters, the paper said.

"We've become nouveau riche, which is wonderful in some ways, but we've got to keep our feet on the ground," Howton was quoted as saying.

Last year, contributing editor Joel Kotkin talked to Howton for this article on northern Virginia's booming economy.