I'm glad that Andrea finally got canned last night. She hit the nail on the head when she said it's a good thing that she works for herself. It sounds like she might not have any employees, either, which is probably for the best. She's definitely not a people person and she basically admitted that her strongest talent is delegating. Of course, that's a key skill that any leader must have, and it's not easy to trust other people with important assignments. But in order to make it on this show, you must have other skills to contribute. How else can you win the respect of your teammates?

At the end of the day, Andrea was a bad salesperson, a bad team member, and a horrible designer. The Ellis Island booklet was ugly and amateurish. And who can forget the cheesy cereal ad that she created? That said, I wound up feeling bad for her by the end of the episode. I really didn't like the way things went down. But more on that later.

It was very refreshing to see Gold Rush win for a change. I have to hand it to Tarek for being creative and having a great eye. Andrea could learn a thing or two about graphic design and photography from him. Charmaine was also a star. She really hustled on the phone and stuck with it, despite rude responses from many of the hotels. I'm glad that one hotel sale came through in the end, even though the $85 deal wasn't a huge score.

I give Lee credit for thinking big, but he didn't seem to contribute much else to last night's task. Charmaine obviously has an ax to grind with him. I can't believe she was so shocked when inept Leslie was fired instead of Lee. That said, I do agree with Charmaine's assessment of Lee's performance last night. It definitely seemed like Tarek was project manager. And while Charmaine was busting her hump to make some bulk sales over the phone, Lee was merely feeding her leads. How hard is it to round up a bunch of hotel phone numbers? Lee did rally the troops early to stake out the best spot in Battery Park, and he's a good face-to-face salesperson. But he didn't pull as much weight as Tarek and Charmaine. And what about Michael? I thought he had been fired until I looked on the NBC site this morning. He's been virtually non-existent in the past couple of weeks.

For every good move that Gold Rush made, Synergy made a mistake. Andrea was right to criticize Allie and Tammy for wasting too much time on the tour scribbling down information. Pictures make a glossy booklet great; the words are secondary. Mistake numbers two, three, and four: Running back with Tammy to get the notebook, missing the boat, and handing over the design job to Tammy, knowing what a horrible job she did on the cereal billboard. I wish we had seen more of the brochures. All I know is that the "drastic changes" made by Allie didn't help the cover much.

As a matter of fact, I'm not quite sure who deserved to be fired more, Allie or Andrea. Allie seemed pretty clueless during the whole task. I can't believe that her team arrived downtown so late, essentially handing Gold Rush a captive audience and a victory. Sure, Andrea should have come forward with her bulk sales suggestion a day earlier, but why didn't Allie think of that? Then, after blowing the entire task, Allie launched a nasty campaign against Andrea. I understand that a little covert planning might be necessary in this game, but I was shocked when Allie made references to "blood on the boardroom walls" several times! That was pretty creepy. And then she sat in the boardroom all innocent looking as Roxanne extolled her virtues, saying that she's such a good person. I disagree. I'm surprised that Roxanne took part in the witch hunt, and I felt bad for Andrea. I'm glad Sean declined to get involved with Allie's scheme. Good for you, Sean.

I agree with the Donald's decision to fire Andrea last night, but I hope he realizes that Allie isn't much better. Don't be fooled by the perky smile and the perfect updo, Donald! After last night, I'm guessing that Charmaine, Tarek, and Sean will make it to the final three. At least I hope so.