I was shocked by Charmaine's awful leadership last night. I almost collapsed when Bill walked into the salon to find her getting her hair done. That was absurd. But that was just the icing on the cake. She was horrible from the very beginning. It was a complete waste to spend hours arranging hair products on shelves. As Lenny pointed out, marketing should have been Gold Rush's first priority. When they did finally get around to marketing, they wasted hours putting those cheap flyers on windshields in far-flung parking lots. I get really annoyed when I find one of those on my car, so I definitely would not have attended the so-called grand opening.

Charmaine was mostly responsible for the loss, but Tarek's bad attitude didn't help. He acted like a petulant child. At least Lee tried to talk Charmaine into focusing on marketing. Tarek spent most of the task whining like a baby and poking fun at Charmaine, which didn't really help the situation. That said, if Tarek had been less argumentative in the boardroom, the Donald might have spared him. He did do a great job on last week's Statue of Liberty brochure.

I was relieved that Synergy won, simply because I couldn't bear to see Sean raked over the coals by witchy Allie. I didn't blame Sean for not ganging up against Andrea in the last episode. Even though I couldn't stand Andrea, I thought it was honorable for him to help her out a bit while the ladies attacked her. I can't figure out why he told Allie that he did that to be strategic. Why didn't he just admit that he felt bad for Andrea? I don't get it.

I'll admit that Allie did a good job on the task. She's a great salesperson. But she's not a nice person overall. She reminds me of the schoolyard bully who alienates anyone who doesn't adore her and do her bidding. I hope she doesn't make it to the final two. I'm very disappointed in Roxanne as well. Thank goodness Tammy rose above the pettiness. I'm starting to like her more and more. I can't quite figure out if she and Sean really like each other in a romantic way, or if they're just flirting. It would be interesting to see them pitted against each other in the finale.

Right now, Tammy and Sean are leading the pack. I have no idea how Michael has lasted this long. He's always seemed clueless, which was confirmed last night when he said that Charmaine had done a good job. The Donald said that Michael's speech was great, but I thought it was comical. Give me a break! I'm not sure how long Lee the politician will last either. His non-strategy strategy seemed to fall apart last night when Caroline told him his argument didn't make sense. That said, I do like Lee's big ideas and he's definitely in my top three for now. It's too bad he didn't come up with a smart strategy for last night's task. Maybe going to a local office park and offering a great deal for lunchtime haircuts?

By the end of the episode, I was fed up with both Charmaine and Tarek, so I'm glad they're both gone. The taxi cab scene was priceless. I expected a little bickering, but the dead silence and Charmaine's crazy facial expressions were even more entertaining. Apparently the gang is heading to college next week to run an Outback Steakhouse tailgate party. I wonder if Tammy and Sean will be canoodling under the bleachers? I guess we'll find out.