I really wanted Allie to lose last night. I can't believe that her team did so well, considering that they did very little marketing beforehand and had no concept planned. In fact, I can't figure out exactly what Synergy did the night before the tailgate party. They just seemed to be driving around in the van talking about cheerleading.

At the end of the day, however, the task came down to selling, not marketing. The guys had hundreds of people at their event, but they didn't think big. I was surprised that Lee didn't come up with the idea of delivering large orders to people at their cars. That seemed like a classic Lee move. Maybe he was too overwhelmed to step back and think. Plus, the price points were really low. I think the guys were charging just $3 or $4 for one of those giant blooming onions, which go for at least $5 at restaurants. As George pointed out, college kids go to football games with enough cash to buy lots of beer and food. That's especially true with homecoming games, I would imagine.

I hate to admit it, but I was impressed by Allie's sales prowess. It seemed like she was the first one to sell a large order and deliver it. She really saved the day, even though she wasn't even the project manager. That said, I still can't stand her personality. I think she's too petty and vindictive to be a well-respected leader. Instead of working out her problems with Sean, she held a huge grudge. That's not professional. I loved when Sean put the ear plugs in last night! Roxanne and Allie need to give it a rest.

Obviously, it was no shock that Michael was fired. It's about time! I can't believe he made it this long. I could see pretending to consider the head cheerleader's request, but I don't think he was pretending. I think he was fibbing in the boardroom when he said that he never intended to loan out a couple of cheerleaders to Synergy. On top of that, he didn't sell anything and he did a bad job of emceeing the events. Also, his cocky statement about how Gold Rush was bound to win since the party was a man's event made me laugh. A college guy would buy way more from Allie in a cheerleader outfit than he would from Michael! That shows how little he knew about the target audience.

I'm really disappointed in Sean and Lee. It seems like Allie, Tammy and Roxanne are the only real contenders left. At this point, I'm rooting for Tammy. She has just as much moxie as Allie and Roxanne, without the petty attitude. I guess we'll find out soon enough!