Last night was really painful. I couldn't bear to watch Allie and Roxanne. Their performances proved once and for all that they are way too petty and immature to run a Trump company, or any company, for that matter. Tammy was no star, either. Her red carpet idea was lame. I didn't really see a clear connection between that and the X-box. I didn't think the lounge looked as bad as Trump made it out to be, but it was a huge mistake not to feature prices and other signage explaining the product. As the executives pointed out, it was a cool place to hang out, but it didn't promote buying anything.

That wasn't Tammy's only blunder. I can't figure out why she told Allie and Roxanne that she wanted the task to be about her. Why on earth would she say that, especially to two self-centered brats like Roxanne and Allie? Tammy's next big mistake was her whiny leadership style. Maybe if she had shown some more backbone, she would have inspired her team to offer suggestions and put more effort into the task. In the end, I'm not sure it would have mattered. Allie and Roxanne should be embarrassed by their grade-schoolish behavior.

In contrast, Lee and Sean worked together very well. It was obvious from the beginning, however, that something was going to go terribly wrong with the floor and roof. I was very leary when the contractor said he could have the floor done in a few hours. That seemed overly optimistic. But Sean seemed to be quite pleased with himself for outsourcing the bulk of the task. In the end, relying on someone else was his downfall. If it had worked, though, the display would have been spot-on.

Unfortunately for Sean, that didn't happen. The fact that he and Lee won the competition despite their flabby, unfinished display underscores how lame this season has been. Sean's concept was excellent, and I liked the way he and Lee integrated various products that could be used with the X-box, but the execution was miserable. In past seasons, execution has always been weighed as heavily, or almost as heavily, as concept. I don't blame the executives for seeming underwhelmed.

I considered pressing Mute several times during the boardroom scene. Tammy's whiny voice was really getting to me. I loved when Ivanka pointed out that Allie was rolling her eyes. I'm glad Bill spoke up and mentioned how Allie was doing the same early on. Bill obviously thinks Allie is unprofessional. However, it was smart of her to stay relatively mum as Roxanne and Tammy screamed at each other. What an embarrassment! All three of them should have gotten the ax.

As Tammy pointed out in her taxi cab confessional, it should be interesting to see how Allie and Roxanne perform without her on another non-sales task. They're great salespeople, but that's about all. I'm sure they'll both have wonderful careers in that capacity, but it takes more than sales acumen to run a company. I can't imagine either one of them managing a team well. So I guess I was totally wrong about Tammy and Sean being in the final two. Unless Synergy peforms a miracle next week, it may be a male-dominated final showdown. And rightly so.