I'm not surprised that Sean won last night. The Donald was being generous when he said that Lee did a "good" job. In the end, the hockey fundraiser was a success, but Gold Rush's performance was terrible.

Lee was in way over his head. Even worse, he didn't seem to take the task, or the sponsors, seriously. His biggest mistake was putting so much trust in Lenny. Why the heck did Lee put him in charge of handling the celebrity hockey players, especially after he made that stupid comment about Jamie Fox in front of the woman from the Leary Firefighters Fund? Jaime Pressley and Michale J. Fox, not Jamie Fox, were coming to the event, you fool! As Caroline pointed out, Lenny made everyone uncomfortable. I felt especially bad for Jason Priestley when the woman at the Chelsea Piers sign-up desk asked him for his name. That was unbelievable. And then Lenny abandoned Jaime Pressley in the men's locker room. I loved when she told Lenny to "Get your *&^! together, apprentice boy." That was priceless. Thank goodness the celebs had a good sense of humor.

Overall, it didn't seem like Gold Rush did much of anything. The women from the Leary foundation shot down most of their ideas. Lee couldn't even figure out how to introduce the players, or how Jaime Pressly would get on the ice without slipping. The pre-party looked like a snooze fest, the auction was slapdash, and Lee capped off his terrible performance by failing to greet the Donald at the front door. Unbelievable. By the end of the challenge, it was clear that Lee could not handle a huge real estate project.

Sean had his own set of problems. I almost died when he suggested that the Donald drive on stage with a giant panda bear in the passenger seat. The Pontiac executive was clearly appalled by the idea, but Sean kept pushing it. He should have been able to read the executive better. Then he went ahead and rented the panda suit anyway! Having the panda greeting people really dumbed down the whole event. It would have been classier to emphasize the wildlife aspect by, say, filling the pre-party room and the stage with big potted plants. Of course, the other huge mistake was not putting any Pontiac signage in the pre-party room. Maybe if Sean had met with the sponsor initially, instead of cooing over Tammy during the meeting with the caterer, he would have had a better idea of Pontiac's expectations.

Overall, though, Synergy's pre-party seemed fun and lively, the auction went well, and everything looked great. I also liked the Donald's splashy entrance onto the stage. Importantly, the band seemed to be well cared for and Sean was on the helipad to greet the Donald as soon as he landed. The difference between Sean and Lee was night and day. The one thing they did have in common was excessive hair gel. I can't believe that Sean actually ran into the hotel salon for some good luck hair product!

I must admit that I skipped over some of that "live audience" nonsense during last night's show. I can't believe that Donnie Jr., Ivanka, and George didn't have anything interesting to say. Sure, Lee is a good guy and he has potential, but it was clear after the final task that Sean was the better candidate, thanks, in large part, to his ten years of business experience. And then, just as Caroline was about to give her pick, the Donald cut her off. How boring!

The one surprise of the night was Sean's confession that he and Tammy were going to get married. Did I hear that right? Too bad Tammy was in the dark, literally, at that point. I would have loved to see the expression on her face. I never got the feeling that she liked Sean as much as he obviously likes her. Be careful, Sean! It should be interesting to see if next season's move to L.A. revives this show. I have no idea how the Donald is going to handle the commute. I guess we'll find out in January.