It stands to reason that honorees of the Inc. 500 know something about growth that their competition does not. I believe the Inc. 500 honorees as a collective group could benefit from sharing best practices, experiences and information on external resources, specifically when it comes to professional services.

For example, as other honoree's companies (and I'm assuming here that they are not your competition!) grow and perhaps have a need to expand into the same geographical location your company has resided in for say, a decade or so, it would be beneficial for us to all share information on local legal council, realtors, consultants, etc. I may know the best patent attorney in South Florida, but I don't know a thing about Cleveland, OH!

It would be interesting if we could find a way to share this kind of information with our fellow Inc. 500 honorees and see what kind of effect that has on future growth. While it may seem at first glance to be something of minimal impact, knowing a bit about where you *think* you want to grow into could save you millions in the long run.