Carolyn neglected to follow what I always assumed to be an unspoken rule at the Trump Organization: Don't outshine the boss. I guess Carolyn was becoming a bit too popular for the Donald's tastes. According to a story in the New York Post, Trump's left-hand woman was spending too much time in the limelight, and not enough time memorizing the prices of goods in the pro shop of the Briarcliff, New York golf course she managed. So she's being replaced by Trump's daughter, Ivanka. I know a lot of people are Ivanka fans, and I thought she was better than, say, Alexis Stewart, but she's no Carolyn.

From a business owner's perspective, it sounds like Carolyn might have deserved to be fired. But from a TV watcher's perspective, it was just another one of Trump's bad HR decisions. Carolyn's witchy straight talk has always added a lot of spice to the Apprentice. Not only does she give her opinion, she doesn't bother to sugar coat it. She was a nice counterbalance to George, who's honest in a crusty but lovable grandpa way. I'll also miss the uncomfortable tension between Carolyn and Bill Rancic. I wonder if Bill is upset...or relieved. As for Carolyn's future, I wonder if people will continue to take her business advice. If past celebrity scandals are any indication, she'll be more popular than ever.

Even worse news: the Post article hinted that George might be replaced by the Donald's son. The Apprentice has been hanging by a thread ratings-wise for two seasons now. The elimination of both George and Carolyn would surely guarantee that this upcoming season will be the Donald's last. Perhaps that's his plan?