If you own a BlackBerry (or if a BlackBerry owns you) and you wish you had time for more impulse purchases, there's a new program you might like. Digby, a free BlackBerry application that launched this week, lets you order things like CDs and books from Amazon.com with a few clicks. The program was developed by 30 Second Software, a private start-up in Austin that was founded to make mobile applications for the impatient.
Instead of waiting for entire Web pages to load on your BlackBerry, you can use Digby to search and scroll through the inventory. It's also speedier because Digby can store your credit card information and automatically import the shipping information from your BlackBerry's address book.
Plus, if you want woo a client (or romantic interest) but don't want to put much thought into it, you can use the program to quickly send flowers, chocolates, or a gift basket by clicking on the icons.

Visit Digby.com from your BlackBerry to download the free software.