When globetrotter Pat McGovern first drafted his "Tips for Business Travelers" it's unlikely he imagined a world where liquids were contraband. Today's New York Times looks into the new companies and products that are cropping up in response to increasingly aggravating carry-on rules.

If your business takes you overseas and you're banking on making a good first impression, you may want to consider investing in "dental finger mitts" (real name) from La Fresh, a moist towelette that you slip over a finger to wipe your teeth. Travel accessory company Travelon, puts a new spin on "ready made," coming out with "instant tooth gel, mouth wash and shaving gel in the form of tablets that, like Alka-Seltzer tablets, transform when water is added." One entrepreneurial-minded former flight attendant has created Pitotubes, clear, refillable bottles that are small enough to meet carry-on limits but durable enough so as not to leak.

As more travelers check their bags, so do more airlines lose them (in September 2006, the second month of the ban, lost luggage increased 92 percent from the year before). Most of us see these stiff regulations as a royal pain—but an enterprising bunch saw a lucrative opportunity. Dental mitt anyone?