At the upfronts today, ABC announced that one of its 11 new series will be about a CEO peer group of sorts. 'Big Shots" will star Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, Joshua Malina, and Michael Vartan as CEOs who pal around.

The drama landed a coveted time slot: 10 p.m. on Thursdays, following the top-rated "Grey's Anatomy" at 9 p.m. and "Ugly Betty" at 8 p.m.

The New York Times says the series will be about "four rich corporate executives and their tribulations with business and women." I am guessing the paper's use of the term "corporate" was rather loose, since Josh Malina (Bullworth, The West Wing) seems more like a tech company entrepreneur than a stodgy, big-company CEO to me. Then gain, maybe he's playing against type.

The TV Addict blog (click here) says the series "sounds like a male, office-bound version of Desperate Housewives."

Regardless of the direction the series ultimately takes, here's my question: if you were a writer for the show, what stories or themes would you develop in your scripts? What's the most dramatic thing that has ever happened in your CEO peer group? Any cases of amnesia or long-lost siblings?