Anyone who's thinking about (or struggling with) hiring salespeople should check out George Zimmer's column in this month's Ask Inc. (Zimmer, who, as founder and CEO of Men's Wearhouse, employs an army of well-dressed salespeople, advises against hiring for experience or test scores and urges entrepreneurs to trust their instincts.)

Our next Ask Inc. guest columnist is Kenneth "Hap" Kloop, who founded North Face in 1966, serving as CEO for 20 years, and who in 1999 took over Canterbury of New Zealand, a rugby apparel company. In our October issue, Klopp will answer a reader question. So, if you want to know about finding a niche (Klopp is now trying to take Canterbury into the traditionally Rugby-averse American market), managing more democratically (one of Klopp's passions), succeeding in a low margin business (like the apparel industry), or taking your employees rock climbing, send your questions to

And if Klopp doesn't answer your question, we'll throw it to our crack team of Ask Inc. reporters and editors.