The Whole Foods/Wild Oats merger is still up in the air, as a federal appeals court reviews the Federal Trade Commission's request to block the deal. My personal, non-expert opinion: this case is a waste of time. The FTC is trying to argue that a merger between the two health food giants would stifle competition. But everyone sells natural foods now, even Wal-Mart. When I'm debating whether to go to Whole Foods to buy milk and eggs, my alternatives are Food Emporium, Trader Joe's, the farmer's market, and the local corner deli. There's plenty of competition in the grocery business. Last week, a judge issued a ruling agreeing with me. Nevertheless, the deal is still on hold for now.

I think the deal will go through, John Mackey's ridiculous chat room antics notwithstanding. What do you think? Does the FTC have a good argument?