One thing you'll notice about this year's Inc. 500 list: a lot of companies got big by riding the mortgage wave. Just check out the finance section: Your Best Rate Financial is a mortgage lender in 14 states; Bryco Funding does both residential and commercial mortgage lending; and Loan Toolbox provides do-it-yourself marketing tools for mortgage loan officers who flocked to the industry during the boom.

So what happens now? Jitters in the subprime mortgage industry have finally spilled over into the larger markets. Even homebuyers with good credit are finding it harder to get a mortgage. It's not just real estate companies who have to worry about the weakening market. Will other small companies feel the pinch, as banks clamp down on credit? Meanwhile, private equity firms are having a difficult time getting backing for their multi-billion dollar deals--will that spill over, and make it harder for small companies to find capital?

What do you think? If you own a small or mid-sized company, have you experienced any effects from the recent market troubles?