For the first year ever we mapped out where Inc. 500 companies do business globally. Sure there are firms outsourcing to India and China, but they're also doing business in some less expected locales like Cameroon, Kuwait, and Uzbekistan.

Of 500 companies, 103 do business overseas and some 40 have at least one permanent office abroad. Thanks to NAFTA, Canada and Mexico are two of the biggest winners, but Asia is nothing to scoff at with more than 20 companies doing business in China, India, and Japan. Seven companies currently do business in Israel, largely due to Tel Aviv's emergence as a Middle Eastern Palo Alto. As reflected in year's past, the war on terror continues to be a boon for the defense industry--there are six companies working in both Iraq and Afghanistan and dozens of others operating in nearby countries.

To read about how Tom Mosey, CEO of Mini Melts keeps ice cream cold in 120 degree Dubai, how WineCommune managed to sell its goods to Chinese oenophiles while avoiding China's high liquor tariffs, and other tales of global commerce, you can find the map here.

Does your company do business overseas? Tell us your cautionary tales and revelations.