Few of us will be lucky enough to live to 105, and hardly any will die with an estate worth $198 million. Then again, maybe it's not so lucky. Socialite Brooke Astor died in August, and now her 83-year-old son has been indicted for allegedly stealing millions of her hard-earned (well, hard-inherited-from-her-third-husband) dollars. For others blessed with such funds and such loving children, the Wall Street Journal offered tips this morning for protecting your estate from the very people with whom you've entrusted it. Of course, you can get fleeced by your relatives even if you're not a hundred-millionaire, most notably during a divorce. Here's a recent story we wrote on how to protect your company if you (or your kids) have a marriage on the skids.

And of course, if you have any interesting stories about being defrauded by your kids (or, for that matter, defrauding your parents), please share them in the comments section.