In the last issue of Inc. we wrote about networking groups that charge $10,000 a year and sometimes even more. What do you get for all that money? At the Breakfast Network, you get a lot of personal attention from the founder, who will set you up with one-on-one meetings with bigshots you want to meet. At Vistage, you get access to top-notch speakers, as well as small-group meetings with other business owners, who serve as a de facto advisory board. Then, of course, there are the nonprofits, Entrepreneurs' Organization and Young Presidents' Organization. The offer exclusivity: YPO, for example, only accepts people who have built $8 million companies by age 45. You can read about more of these groups here.

Do you know of any other high-priced networking groups? Have you belonged to any of the ones on our list? Were they worth the price?