American Airlines says it will charge me $150 to change a ticket. Why do I have to change the ticket? BECAUSE THEY GOT MY HUSBAND'S NAME WRONG. They didn't just mispell it; they gave him MY last name, though I clearly told them that our last names were different. I asked to speak with a supervisor, then asked to speak with the supervisor's supervisor. But the supervisor said her boss, at 3:18 in the afternoon eastern time, is gone for the day. My husband is calling to see if he will be any more successful than I have been in negotiating away this fee. If he's unsuccessful, however, I'm looking forward to canceling my credit card and never buying an airline ticket from American Airlines again.

This just illustrates, to me, the mistakes that many companies make during recessions. I'm sure American Airlines is going through tough times, and the managers are probably under instructions not to waive any fees. And as a result, they will lose our business, probably for several years.