Have you ever forgotten a crucial file while traveling for business? Now you can view and edit files, perform remote tech support, and play music stored on your work PC. You can even view and control a webcam.

Of course, remote access is nothing new. But SingleClick is offering it at what seems like a ridiculously low price. You and your employees can remotely access up to 64 PCs for a total price of $10 a month. That's $10 a month for everyone—not per person. And starting today, you can access all the same info on your smartphone, for no extra fee. That means you can play any music stored on your work computer without downloading the MP3s to your phone. (Of course, this all applies to your home computer as well, if you want to use it as a personal tool.)

But I wouldn't count on that price being around forever. Yesterday, when I met with SingleClick founders Scot Zarkiewicz and Bret Zarkiewicz (no, it's not a coincidence—they're brothers) in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, Scot kept muttering, "We really should charge more for this."

Here's how it works: Install Remote Access, SingleClick's software, on only one computer in the office, as long as it's networked with all of the other PCs. Then you can log in, pick your computer from a list, and connect to it. That computer's desktop then appears on your laptop's screen as if it were a browser.

Dell started including SingleClick's software, branded as Dell Remote Access, on its consumer laptops last fall, and starting at the end of January, the computers in Dell's small business line, Vostro, will have it as well, according to Scot. But you don't need to use Dell to use the software; anyone can download it at www.DellRemoteAccess.com. There's a ten-day free trial.