Is counterfeiting good for business? Over at today, Columbia B-school professor Ray Fisman pens a compelling little piece that would make any IP lawyer cringe—that fakes can actually help luxury brands. His argument? It seems for some women at least, fake Prada bags served as a gateway drug to the real deal.

Getting an eMasters from eCollege. College—yeah, there's an app for that. Derek Thompson at the The Atlantic offers an overview on how the University of Southern California is working with 2tor, Inc., an online education company, to rapidly increase its student base—without adding a single building.

A good lesson on e-mail signature etiquette. We all know that the rolodex is going the way of the Dodo. OPEN Forum provides a little how-to on how to craft the perfect e-mail signature. (Note: Having a pager number makes you look outdated. Just sayin'.)

Twitter swallows another... Just a week after the micro-blogging empire purchased TweetDeck, TechCrunch reports that Twitter is in talks to acquire the AdGrok, a keyword bidding platform.

...While it prepares to launch a new service. Mashable reports new rumors are swirling that Twitter will launch a photo-sharing service. Watch out Instagram.

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