After several months in beta testing, Grand St.--an online market for entrepreneur-made gadgets--opened to the public yesterday. Many of the electronics you'll see on the Grand St. site, originally funded through Kickstarter campaigns, have a limited distribution--so you'll be hard-pressed to come across them elsewhere. While the site features a permanent collection, a few new limited-edition items launch each week.

As Aaron Henshaw, one of the co-founders, told VentureBeat, "A lot of these products don't have a home. Many makers and creators say marketing is a pain point for them. We can take care of a lot of that." 

Grand St., which is based in New York, raised $1.3 million in seed funding earlier this year from First Round Capital, Gary Vaynerchuk, and other investors.

Here are five of our favorite items so far:

The Pocket Socket Charger 
A lightweight (less-than-a-pound) handcrank charger that can power up all your devices in a pinch.

ChargeCard USB Cable 
If you're not up for handcranking, try the ChargeCard. Similar in size to a credit card, it lets you power devices from any USB port.

The Hone Key Finder 
A simple keychain add-on that connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and will help you find your keys...wherever they are.

Blink Steady Bike Light 
A basic but smart motion- and light-sensing bike light that was made in Brooklyn.

The Cosmonaut Stylus
This pen for digital devices has retro packaging, and, according to the Grand St. team, "it glides, for serious."