If you've been eagerly awaiting the official start day for Kickstarter in Canada, the long wait is up. The crowdfunding platform announced today that Canada-based projects could be launched starting September 9, with page-building features going live immediately.

Here's what you need to know:

  • There won't be a separate "Kickstarter Canada"--Canadian projects will be listed along with all others.
  • Backers from anywhere in the world can contribute, but should note that these projects will be listed in Canadian dollars, so a $100 US pledge would be $103.78 CAD at today's exchange rate.
  • Payments will be processed directly through Kickstarter, rather than through Amazon Payments.
  • Fees for creators are the same: Kickstarter charges 5% for funded projects, nothing for those that go unfunded.

Will Kickstarter, which launched in the UK last fall, be moving into other countries soon? According to Mashable, a company spokesperson said that "expanding into other territories is priority," but named no specific locations.

Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs in Canada, the question now becomes: is crowdfunding on Kickstarter a good idea, or a bad one?