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Kickstarter Comes to Canada

Just bursting to launch the next Cirque du Soleil or RIM? The wait is over. Kickstarter opens to Canadian projects on September 9.

If you've been eagerly awaiting the official start day for Kickstarter in Canada, the long wait is up. The crowdfunding platform announced today that Canada-based projects could be launched starting September 9, with page-building features going live immediately.

Here's what you need to know:

  • There won't be a separate "Kickstarter Canada"--Canadian projects will be listed along with all others.
  • Backers from anywhere in the world can contribute, but should note that these projects will be listed in Canadian dollars, so a $100 US pledge would be $103.78 CAD at today's exchange rate.
  • Payments will be processed directly through Kickstarter, rather than through Amazon Payments.
  • Fees for creators are the same: Kickstarter charges 5% for funded projects, nothing for those that go unfunded.

Will Kickstarter, which launched in the UK last fall, be moving into other countries soon? According to Mashable, a company spokesperson said that "expanding into other territories is priority," but named no specific locations.

Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs in Canada, the question now becomes: is crowdfunding on Kickstarter a good idea, or a bad one?

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