Super Bowl XLVIII is months away, but the winner has already been decided: one small business. Software company Intuit, creator of TurboTax and QuickBooks, is giving away an enormous prize: a 30-second ad slot at the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.

That's a gift of about 100 million viewers and $3.8 million dollars. And if your business has 50 fulltime employees or fewer, this could be your big chance to join the Old Spice guy, the Budweiser Frogs, and the E*Trade monkey in the Super Bowl Ad Hall of Fame.

Starting July 31, Intuit is giving each small business 600 characters (about 120 words) to tell its story. You then need to garner votes from your supporters and, in later stages, from Intuit employees and from Internet users in general, to advance to the next elimination round. For the winner, to be decided at the end of 2013, Intuit will cover the commercial costs and provide advice on dealing with the results of such a major platform, which could pose a real challenge for a small business.

Entries close on September 22, but because users get to vote on who gets to go to the next round, it looks like there may be an advantage to teams who hit the field early.