It's Monday morning--early. Soon, my Facebook feed will start to fill up with "I hate Monday!" and "Looks like Monday snuck up on us again!" posts. To which I respond, "Fools! I love Mondays!"

Maybe my reaction is not typical, but here's why I love Mondays.

I'm an introvert who works at home. I love my husband and my children dearly, and I do look forward to the weekends, where we do a lot of stuff together. But, they are extroverts and I'm not. I'm an introvert, which means I need some alone time to recharge. From the time school gets out Friday until everyone is out the door on Monday, that time is rare. But, Monday morning comes, and I drop the kids off at school, and kiss my husband and send him to his office, and then I can sit down in front of my computer, alone. In the quiet. And did I mention, alone? Ahh, bliss.

I'm also a bit of a workaholic. Sometimes I joke about being lazy, and I am with certain things (like folding laundry and washing windows). But, I'm not when it comes to writing, which is what I do for a living. I write a lot. I read a lot, in order to be able to write things that are of value. I talk to a lot of people. (Yes, I know the taking to people seems to contradict the introvert thing above, but there's a difference between chit-chatting with someone at the church picnic and interviewing someone about their micro-multinational business.) So, I like to get back to Monday mornings, when I can get some work done.

Monday is full of possibilities. Monday gives you a whole week to look forward to! I like to take time on Monday morning to review my schedule and plan for the week. See what is coming up, with whom I need to speak, and what needs to be done. I do try to wrap lots of things up on Fridays so I don't get hit with old stuff on Mondays (although that isn't always possible). But, Monday is the time to start fresh.

Nobody else likes Mondays. Okay, I admit it. I do like to rub my love of Mondays into my Monday hating friends. They don't call me Evil HR Lady for nothing.