Today's the last day at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. In other words, right about now, conference- goers have completely bailed out of the Moscone Center and are now fanned out to tourist attractions all over town. Sigh... I wish I was there. The Expo would have been nice. An Irish coffee at Tosca's would have been even nicer.

Regardless, lots of interesting announcements and launches this week out of Web 2.0, and like me, you can have your goodie bag without dealing with the airline food, too.

For starters...

if you sell any kind of products on your company web site, an online rating service can only help. JS-Kit announced it is now offering a free version of its JS-Ratings Service. It's as easy as copying two lines of html code into your web pages and you can get it here.

Attention eBay PowerSellers or PowerSeller Wannabes...

Check out the San Dimas desktop from eBay. Judging from the screenshots, for starters, San Dimas has a nice sleek look. Word is, it features a new search interface, easier access to your bidding history and most importantly a new bidding feature built on Adobe's Apollo platform promising more ease of use leafing through auction items without hitting the back button. Another bennie, it is constantly going to the web to update information regardless of what you're doing. You can download the beta version for free here.

Live long and prosper

Spock is here! Sort of. The announcement is here anyway. Spock is a new search engine with a twist. It's a people search engine. It's sort of like Google and Facebook had a baby. Spock allows users to run searches on specific people resulting in a snapshot profile of data, as well as searching by category of people. Imagine the marketing or sales department getting hold of that. Here's a nice little review of Spock on TechCrunch.

Spock will be available in beta soon, but it's by invitation only. You can request your invitation here.