It's been a busy week in Cupertino, CA at the Apple mothership. Here's a quick recap of the top headlines there.

For starters if you were planning on upgrading your Macs this summer, think again. You can shuffle that budget item off to the fourth quarter. The launch of OS X (aka Leopard) has been put on hold until October. Apparantly, some of the key members of the development team have been pulled off the project and moved over to the iPhone team, scrambling to meet it's first shipment dates in late June.

The iPod team, meanwhile, is busy popping champagne corks at their end of the building. This week marked the sale of the 100 millionth iPod, a milestone that took less than six years to achieve. You can't talk about iPods without talking about numbers. During that same five and a half years, iTunes has sold 2.5 billion songs (.99 cents a song, that's easy math even for me), 50 million television shows and over a million movie downloads. That'll keep Steve Jobs in black turtlenecks for awhile.

There's one other number floating around about iPods this week, however. One: as in the first known iPod virus. It's called Podloso. Say that three times fast and then go forth and enjoy your weekend.