Time is money and I'm sure you Mac folks would prefer not to waste it watching that little pinwheel spin round and round.... and round some more. While so many OS X users swear by the speed of the Safari browser, it can definitely be a moody thing prone to stalls and slowdowns.

Kudos to the MacFixit site, for putting out this little tutorial on how to remedy some of the most common causes of those slowdowns.

If you love a good rumor, here's one.

And it's a rumor only - that Apple plans to launch a new iPod by fall with WiFi capability. I heard about it through PC World, who's quoting DigiTimes - starter of said rumor - that apparantly bases this little tidbit on leaks coming from the Taiwanese company that is involved in actually manufacturing them. I confess that I didn't read the DigiTimes article myself. I wasn't willing to pay the required $370 one year subscription.

Between that and Apple's announcement last week marking the sale of its 100 millionth iPod, maybe it's time for your marketing department to get serious about that podcast idea.