It didn't work out so well on Windows Mobile 5 devices, but RIM and Microsoft are trying to make a go of it again. This time just might be the charm. Just announced, Windows Mobile 6 users will be able to simply download Blackberry as an application by the end of the year, which is why it'll probably fly this time. Last time was a little more glitchy pulling off integration at both the device and carrier level.

Why the address bar on your browser may become useful again...

Check this out! San Francisco-based startup, OpenDNS, has just launched a free service today that claims to make your web browsing faster and easier. OpenDNS allows you to customize your own shortcuts for addresses. So instead of typing in to get to this blog (and props to you for doing all that, by the way!), you could customize the web address to something like tech blog, instead. It also helps block phishing sites and does a better job of finding sites, even when you misspell the address. CNet has a nice write-up, if you want to read more.

How is this free, you ask? I always wonder about that too. Apparantly, OpenDNS makes its money on the extra ads that pop up on screens that would otherwise be error screens.