Does anybody besides Bill Gates like Vista? Apparantly, enough Dell customers don't and the folks in Round Rock, Texas get it! The new Windows Vista OS went primetime back in January. Dell followed the hype and started pre-loading Vista almost exclusively on all of their PCs. Many unhappy campers later, Dell announced last night that they will bring back the Windows XP OS and give customers a choice between the two.

Thank you.

BlackI(out)berry! What happened this week?

Earlier this week, eight million Blackberry users (not eaters) were left untethered to their e-mail from Tuesday night until Wednesday morning. Even then, Wednesday was a long day of service interuptus for many subscribers as RIM (the company that provides e-mail service for Blackberry) caught up with the backlog that piled up during the outage.

So what happened? RIM says after review, it appears it was caused by a glitch in a data storage feature not properly tested. It was not a security breach or case of maxing out capacity, as many feared and speculated.