Say it isn't so! While fiber optic wiring rolls out around the country one building at a time to businesses clamouring for what has been heralded as the fastest, cheapest, more reliable and most secure path to the Internet, it may be that fiber needs to backpeddle on at least one of those bragging rights. Security.

Previously, the presumption has been that fiber is safer from hackers than copper lines. But check out this write-up on PC World reviewing a demonstrated hack on a fiber optic cable that was successful from just bending or slightly crimping the wire, without even breaking the sheath. Even scarier, the coupler required to bend the cable can be bought on eBay for just a few hundred bucks.

Now of course, the demo was performed by a Swiss company that sells the security solution to prevent this sort of attack. However, although rare, there have been documented cases of hacking into fiber optic cables by bending - including one on the Verizon network in the United States. It's a number that is likely to go up as more buildings around the country get 'lit'.

AT&T Finally Offering Unlimited Messaging

This only affects 62 million cell phone users in the United States. AT&T for the first time is now offering a flat rate for unlimited messaging in any format: text, pictures and video. The price: $20 a month. It goes even cheaper if you're only messaging other AT&T customers. If your company is getting killed on those .25 cents a message dings, then spend one last quarter messaging your AT&T sales rep to sign up for the package deal.

Irony Alert

Just a little something that I ran across on the Microsoft Small Business site. Is it me?